Similarities Between Kale and Cannabis

When it comes to the biological anatomy of the plants, there are an astounding number of similarities between our favorite Kale and Cannabis. 

Some green gurus on the web are even claiming that Kush is the new Kale. 

New studies claim that cannabis could cure more ailments by consuming it raw than in any other state. Benefits range from anti-inflammatory to preventing fibromyalgia, bowel cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

On this blog however, we don’t choose favorites. Instead we are more inclusive to the benefits of these two marvelous plants. 

Eating raw cannabis enables your body to process remarkably large amounts of CBDa and THCa without a problem. Human metabolism converts them into the nutrients it needs. Consuming these cannabinoid acids helps your cells to communicate with each other through an  endo-cannabinoid system. Developing that system could be key to preventing chronic diseases.

Further similarities include the “poor” taste people tend to complain about. Eating raw cannabis does not seem very appetizing, but that’s what we are here for. 

In the next few months our goal will be to provide you various recipes and ingredient lists in order to cook with Cannabis and Kale, the dream team. This dynamic duo is bound to have a variety of positive effects on your health, digestion and much more. 

As always, know your legalization laws and play within them.

Love you all and talk to you soon!